Anyone doing the CAIA? How many hours do you think it will take to pass for someone who has just written CFA Level 3? And best of luck to everyone to pass Level 3!

while there is alot of overlap like Quant and equity analysis, there is much stuff that is not covered in CFA. It def not as hard as CFA, but you still have to study for it

I just completed the program in March. I found it very interesting, but there was less overlap than I had anticipated (approximately 35% if I had to guess). The good news is, though, that the exams are less difficult and the pass rates are higher. I studied for about 2 months to pass the second exam. Good luck!

i found level 2 was easier than level 1. i attended a chapter get to together recently and the head of the chapter said they are trying to make it more different from CFA and with the increasing number of people taking it, they are making the questions increasing more difficult. When i took the tests…quite frankly it was a joke, i got >90% of the questions correct.

hausm49008 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > When i took the tests…quite frankly it was a > joke, i got >90% of the questions correct. Here’s a more difficult question for you – what is the ROI of completing the CAIA program? That’s not meant to be a jab… I am actually curious.

I was talking with a co-worker about the CAIA the other day, I said if I finished the CFA this year I would consider taking either the FRM or CAIA, but I would not put the CAIA certification on either my business card or my resume until it gets greater respect in the industry. Kind of like a call option on my credentials.

But do you really want to pay the annual dues if you are not even going to use the designation?

Yeah that’s one thing I would take into consideration. At this stage of my career I see very little value in getting a CAIA until the day I start seeing job postings asking for fund managers with CAIA certifications.

I heard from people who worked in the alt investments area of bank of america that they paid for over 200 people in alt inv group to sit for the test. CAIA is obvi not going to get you a job as an equity analyst but if you wanted to work for a fund of funds or some kind of hedge fund anaylst where you select managers etc it is good.

So how many hrs did you spend study for CAIA (those who passed level 3)

$2350 just to register for a no-name exam? You know… I think I should start my own certification. Wow…

Looking for this article Meredith, R., N. De Brito, and R. De Figueiredo. “Portfolio Management with Illiquid Investments.” Citi Alternative Investments. June 2006, p. 26-31. please help

It’s $2350? That’s it, I’m out.

Plus annual dues…

Sorry not $2350 but $2450… If you get Schweser you are looking at $3600 NOT WORTH IT