Hey huys Do you know well CAIA? Do you think is it a good think to do? Is it harder than CFA? Could you speak a little bit of this program?

if you’re interested in learning about AI then take it. don’t expect to get a job from it imo. it shouldn’t matter if its harder or easier then the CFA. but its easier and therefore, a lot less respected.

Frank, I’m curious to know why you chose to pursue the CAIA and FRM designations, but not the more valuable CBV one?

I took CAIA and FRM because I wanted to take a short course on the topics. I’m happy I did because i learned a lot from them. I’m interested in CBV as well, but i might as well just pursue an MBA if I’m really interested in credentials. CBV might be something down the line, but right now, I"m trying to do L3 and getting practical experience with valuing assets and capital markets knowledge.

Is CBV worth having without your CA?..the reason I am so interested in CBV is that they have an agreement with the CICA that the CBV is now an official specialization of your CA, if you have one, so you can use the designation CA-CBV. it’s suppose to be a dot not a dash but my function button won’t work.