Caitlyn Jenner

What do you guys think?!?!

I think she’s a strong and beautiful woman.

I’m tired of hearing about it.

Thanks for bringing it here.

Is she becoming a man? I have not followed.

Good luck to her, but I am also already tired of hearing about it.

You know what bothers me the most about it? She didn’t spell her name with a K. This completely and totally breaks the family tradition.

There was a pretty harsh editorial the WSJ was promoting recently about how transgenderism is more like other body dysmorphia disorders like anorexia. It was pretty persuasive, but all things considered I’m pretty ignorant on the subject. I can definitely sympathize with someone who spent decades being unhappy.

But I can also sympathize with Higgmond in being tired of it.

I wrote a post about this somewhere. Essentially it said:

You’ve got indoor plumbing or outdoor plumbing. Whether you’re a he or a she is dictated by what type of pluming you have.

And you got a name. Whatever your name says on your Social Security card, that’s what I’m gonna call you.

So in a nutshell, I got a dick, and my name is Greenman. So I should be called Mr. Greenman, not Ms. Greenwoman.

(edit - On the name thing, I’ll make an exception for people like Thomas Maypother IV or Carlos Estevez.)

Until he changes that Y chromosome into an X, he’s a dude.

It really baffles me how people can

a) have such a strong opinion on something that has no direct impact on them

b) want to read about this kind of thing in the news


^ Can you have a , in a #?

For some reason, eventhough i don’t know a lot about Bruce Jenner in the past because when he was an athlete i probably wasn’t born yet so i suspect he was as big as Michael Phelps in his time?

In any case, i am very happy for him/her because not everyone has the courage to do it. Yes, he gets paid gracing the cover and being interviewed, yes, he is used to the limelight and being followed by reporters, yes, he is not your typical guy working 9 to 5 in an office whose life depends on other people’s perception.

But it is precisely that he practically doesn’t need to work for a living and still under so much pressure to only come out when he turns 65!

That’s just to show how many ordinary people out there who would never “correct” their genders because of the costs (financially, mentally, emotionally, etc) of doing so.

I am truly happy for her, i hope she follows her heart and does what makes her happy. Because having a sex change, IMHO, doesn’t affect (adversely to) anyone.


I dont find her attractive, but Id still hit it, just so I could say that I was the first to get up in there.

how do you know you’re the first?

I totally spit out my drink laughing when I read this.