Hey all – first post. I’m finishing an MBA and am interested in CFA. I’m comfortable with the HP calculator, but thought it would be cool to see what calc people were most comfortable with and why. Take care.

There are only two calculators available on the exam. The HP12c or the TI BA II Plus. Its really a personal thing. The TI is what I use and I find it very easy, but some people swear by the HP12c for some function . . . I forget what it was. Basically if you are used to your HP just stick with it.

matt, I don’t think there’s a consensus on this in the forums. My understanding is that those who’ve learned RPN swear by it, but that the TI BAII Plus (& Professional) are easier to learn from scratch. Clearly, people have been successful on the exams with both calculators and I often see solutions posted in the forums using either calculation, though maybe more TI users out there.

Thats what it was, the RPN function. I tried it for 5 minutes and said F that. But that was after using the TI for a year.