Calculate Beta in Portfolio Management, Kap v CFAI

In the portfolio management section, Kaplan and CFAI materials give me different ways to calculate Beta. When I go through the Kaplan Qbank and then the CFAI TT, I run into questions on calculating Beta, and depending on which way I do it, I get conflicting answers. From the Schweser notes, Beta is calculated in two ways: 1. Beta = Corr X (SDi/SDm), or 2. Beta= (COVim/VARm) CFAI gives it to me as such: (CORRm X SDi)/ SDm Any thoughts?

They’re all the same thing. It’s just the algebraic masturbation.

Beta = Cov(i,m)/Var(m)

Cov(i,m) = Corr(i,m)*σiσm

Beta = Corr(i,m)*σiσm2m

Beta = Corr(i,m)*σim

Thank you