calculate mean, variance and stdev

I’m on the quantitative part, i got the TI BAII calculator. But i find it still hard/time consuming to get mean and stdev for a data series. Getting mean is fine, except lot of pressing. But to get the stdev/variance, you will need to keep a lot of intermediate result, and this takes a lot of time, e.g. one of the practice problems had 13 data points. So what is the best/fastest way to calculate those parameters?

Have a look a one of the several videos on YouTube to learn how to use the built-in statistic calculation programs. That will speed up your calculation and make it more safe. Best, Oscar

The calculator will also give you standard deviation and variance. It’s only the data entry that you have to do. :bulb:

Learn how to use the calculator…easy points!!! Enter the raw data and that’s it…

Thanks all, I found some tutorials and I could use the calculator to get stdev .

Just got one question: the data entry needs to be input once each time, even some data are repeated a few times? can i input a data and specify how many time it appeared? I believe we can do this in the CF data entry.