Calculate YTM of future bond puruchase

My cousin’s just asked me how to solve a question on YTM of a bond and she has been given the following info:

Coupon - 10% (paid semi-annually)

Issue Date - 01.10.2014

Maturity Date - 30.09.2022

Outstanding Amount - Rs. 104,208,410,000

Face Value - Rs. 100/bond

The question wants us to assume that the bond is purchased on 01.10.2019

Is there actually a way of solving this problem? To me, it seems that, ideally, with the given information, we would also require the market price of the bond to arrive at the YTM. However, since the purchase date is in the future, there’s no way of having the future market value of a bond.


What is outstanding amount? Is it not the assumed price of the bond on 01.10.2019?

Nope, that’s the total face value of all the bonds outstanding in this particular issue.

I’m not sure this can be solved unless the “Outstanding Amount” is actually a market value, implying a market price of Rs. 104.20841 per bond on 01.10.2019.