calculating tax ratio

Hi all’ I need to calculate the overall effective tax ratio for some group companies. How do I do this

ahh simple stuff, figured it out how they do it in the notes. guess everyone was a sleep during my time in need. luckily im a genius So karenC where are you my lovely?

Your lovely?? :-S

figure of speech. what has been happening kaz?

I’m trying to study in the evenings as opposed to reading you lot slagging me off all the time! :slight_smile:

i havent studied for nearly 2 weeks now. Was busy all of last week in poland and holland for work. So im way behind, not looking good§!

Ah you’ll be fine - what level are you doing?

level 2. still have 2.5 books of schweser to complete.

Ah you’ll be grand - or take up praying :wink:

maybe you could help me study karenC, a little bit of tutoring, we could study together??

Little distance issue scando!

flights to dublin are cheap, ryan air or soemthing like that. Air lingus maybe its called the other one?

Aer Lingus was the more expensive one and Ryanair the cheap airline but they’re relatively the same now…though Ryanair want to charge you for using the toilet now so I’d say Aer Lingus will end up being cheaper after all the Ryanair extras…which are utterly ridiculous

ok so what date is good for you then?


Oh snap!

OK Aliman see you then!! Don’t expect to be studying when I’m…44 though! :stuck_out_tongue: