Calculating the after tax cost of debt

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I can’t figure out how to solve example 4 of reading 36 (on Valence Industries) using my BA ii plus.

Also, how do we know that the FV is 1000 dollars? As it isn’t mentioned in the question.

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If you are talking about bond par value (FV value calculation), I have found that is always 100 or 1000 if it is not mentioned as different in sample.

PV = -1025

FV = 1000 (this is par value of the bond at maturity)

N = 20 (10 x 2 as it’s semi-annual)

PMT = 25 (5%/2*1000 as it’s semi annual coupon payments based on the par value)

You are then required to compute I/Y which will give you the semi annual rate.

I/Y = 2.3420 per 6 months

2.3420 x 2 = 4.6840 (before tax cost of debt)

After Tax cost of Debt (Kd) = 4.6840 x (1-0.35) = 3.045 %

next time you want help, kindly post the question too. it makes it easier to answer it.

It’s not that difficult to check the questions in the book - reading number and question was provided in the initial post - not sure why people really need to make comments like this - clearly adding zero value.

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