Calculation Intensive?

Anybody know how calculation intensive the CAIA L1 exam is? I’m sitting for it this weekend and I haven’t spent too much time on formula memorization.

40% calculation 60% theory. sat it yesterday. Exam isn’t a pushover

thanks trogulj

CAIA test exam and Schweser Q-bank / Practice Exams gave me the impression that there was little calculation involved…anyway, some formulas are supposed to be provided on the exam, right?

From your point of view, what part was the trickiest?

thanks, xk

I think out of the 200 questions on both papers they gave a formula maybe twice. You still need to know many formulas off my heart. I have done CFA Level 1 and 2 and I found ethics difficult in my first session for this exam. I can’t single out one area that was particularly very difficult but structured investments had a few tricky questions.

Took level two yesterday and 7 out of my first 10 questions were calculations !!! Got me behind right at the start of the exam !!! In total, honestly believe I had about 25 calculations on the multi choice alone !!!

Didn’t seem to be weighted correctly as I spend considerable time studying the theory and less time on the calculations.

Like most people, ran out of time with the multi choice and had to rush them. Never ran out of time on exams before, very strange.

But, good luck to everyone…fingers crossed.

Are you talking about Level 1 or Level 2?