Calculation of total capital

When I was calculating WACC, I use (FV of Debt + FV of equity) to get the Total Capital of capital but in this case we will ignore some other current liability.

When we are calculating EVA. we need to use (BV of total liability + BV of total equity) to calculate Total Capital and get $WACC.

When we calculate MVA, we calculate Total Capital use (FV of Debt + FV of equity), again, and ignore other liability.

Am I right? I found these when i was doing Kaplan mock. I just feel that it is quite inconsistent. Why do we sometimes include the

Non-Debt liability while sometimes don’t?

EVA calc. includes FCInv (capex) and WCInv (change in working capital), no equity.

I don’t understand ? equation of EVA is NOPAT - WACC * Capital. When I was doing Kaplan Mock, it simply adds up “Liability”, “Common stock”, “Additional Paid up Capital” & “Retained Earning” to get the value of Total Capital.

I think it should be total debt + any preferred debt + shareholders equity. Basically from any provider of capital but you can’t include stuff like payables. I think capital lease you will have to include