calculation of z distribution and t distribution

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Can you please explain how to calculate Z distribution and T distribution on exams. Or I havet to memorize all the distribution.

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You have to memorize the common values for the standard normal (z) distribution:

  • 65% _ 68% _ (1σ)
  • 90% (1.645σ (you can use 1.65σ))
  • 95% (1.96σ)
  • 99% (2.58σ)

For any _ other _ values of a z-distribution, they’ll give you an excerpt from a z-table.

For _ any _ values of a t-distribution, they’ll give you an excerpt from a t-table.


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I was looking at things from the cumulative distribution point of view, whereas S2000magician is using the 2-sided interval. My bad! frown

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