Calculations in GIPS?

Hello, Are we supposed to do any calculations in GIPS? When I go through the LOS they do not say “calculate” but the chapter itself has quite a few formulas and I was wondering if we can be asked to calculate anything on the exam? Thank you

If there are no calculations in the EOCs, they probably wont be tested in the exam either.

Anyone else please?

Calculations are the easiest part of GIPS, IMO. Unfortunately, there is no many calculations in EOCs nor any in Mocks in GIPS sessions.

I dont care if it is easy. This is one less thing I have to worry about if I dont have to know it. I just went through the EOC questions and they do have some calculations… Does that mean we have to know it?

We all went through the process of attempting at least once the EOCs/topic tests to identify which of the calculations will be tested. Why do u need to be special and ask us to spoonfeed u?

You should cover TWRR because is it is also covered under Performance valuation. Also, you should explain differences between TWRR and IRR (MWRR) because it is also covered not only under GIPS. Regarding Dietz and Modifiied Dietz, it is a GIPS specific.

Because it is conflicting information. The LOS does not say calculate… But the EOC gives you calculations. So what’s the truth Mister Know it All?

I apologize for my rudeness my King. As from next time, I will feed your Highness any information that your Highness deserve to know the next time your Highness asks. If I may suggest, I may also study in your Highness’ place, and take the exam in your Highness’ place.

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Mark666 has some serious attitude issues, 2nd flare up in about a week. I have no inclination to help a self-entitled prick. I suggest giving him the silent treatment until he either moderates his attitude or shows himself out. This will be my last post re:Mark666

Anyone else please? Why is the LOS not mentioning any calculations while the EOC gives specific questions with calculations? What should be followed please? Do we need to know how to calculate? Thank you

If LOS not mention calculate, it won’t be in the exam. LOS are very specific.

But if a calculation does show up, and you do not know how to do it, go ahead and cry foul to the CFA.

Your highness , Your Majesty will of course be heard! (in your own court!)

If there is a calculation, learn how to do it.

Know that there are several other LOS terms which mean calculate in CFA parlance. So anything is fair game!

OK thank you

MarkyMark666- hope you fail.


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