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I set P/Y to 1 by : 2nd I/Y 1 enter 2nd CPT but I could not get the answer right, not sure what the problem is and hope you can give me some help… Thx! 2nd quit 2nd clr tvm 36n 50000 pv 9.75 i/y cpt pmt the result is supposed to be -1607.50 but mine is -5052.39

did you see bgn on the right corner of your screen? if not, then hmm not sure why… Most of the time is the p/y that’s set to 12 Did you just changed your battery?

I did not see BGN on the screen. I just bought the calculator and could not make it work properly yet :frowning:

We had a BGN annuity question in the afternoon paper… luckily i caught it in time

hey I’m glad you mentioned that - I did do a question in BEG mode!

Your time and rate are inconsistent, time is in month and rate is annual. When you enter N in months, you also have to convert the rate to monthly. N = 3yrs / 12mths = 36 I/Y = 9.75 / 12 = 0.8125 PV = 50000 That will get you the -1607.50 you’re looking for.

i will try this out N = 3yrs / 12mths = 36 I/Y = 9.75 / 12 = 0.8125 PV = 50000 Thank you gastun

Anytime. Of course N should be 3 * 12 not /… small error.

Hi gastun, I got you and tried and it did work!! I think their(calculator maker) result was under the assumption that p/y was set to 12. Thank you for your help. Actully, I thinking of doing L1 test of next Dec. when will be the earliest possiable date to enroll for next Dec?