Calculator Decimal Place Settings?

How many decimal places is everyone using on their calculator? I don’t think it matters much but feel free to list the model you use with your answer. I find that 2 places rounds too much for common functions and 4 places sort of gets in the way when you’re working in tens of millions… I was not sure which was best as a permanent setting or if most analysts change this setting often depending on the application? Does the CFAI recommend a setting? The curriculum rounds to 2 sometimes but often uses between 2 and 5 when doing examples in the books… Currently I have 4 places set on my TI BA II Plus Pro. Thanks for your input! (just realized that I should have posted this in general not just level 1… opps)

Set it to floating (DEC = 9) and then just round yourself. You don’t want to get a problem wrong because the calculator rounded for you.

How do I set this on the BA II?

dtrynoski Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > How do I set this on the BA II? - 2nd - FORMAT (Decimal button) - 9 - ENTER - 2nd - QUIT (CPT button)

floating… done. thanks yo : )