Calculator Decimal Places

Just curious, how many decimal places do you set your calculator to? I know it does not make a material impact but just wondering if everyone prefers to round on their own and use 9 decimals or if you prefer your calculator to do the work for you at 4 decimals.


I use five. 4 can get you into trouble.

Five here, although I doubt anything above three will matter much on level II. You do need the 5 digits for level one as far as I recall from personal experience.

Checked mine and I have 6, my lucky number is 7 so I wanted to see 7 sig figs when I clear everything. Either that or it came like that stock and I can’t think of a better reason.

lol wot? You skip all the international Econ readings?

good luck calculating triangular arbitrage!

To be fair, i don’t remember there being much difference on decimal places, even more is the convention between 360 / 365 and since level 1 and 2 are all multiple choices, you end up selecting the ‘closest’ choice regardless. Maybe my memory is vague on it…

My brain* skipped it. Haven’t even taken the exam and I clearly forgot a chunk of Economics ever happened (and perhaps derivatives as well as a little of fixed income (spot/par/forward rates), now that I think about it) requires a higher degree of precision. Whoopsies. Thank you for pointing that out!

9 club member checking in. Join the floating-point master race

Bring two calculators and set it to 18. Precision is paramount.

Got a AM mock question on currency forwards wrong today because the solutions carried 6dp and my calc had 5dp. I might get partial credit if they’re generous, but not risking it…