Calculator & formula sheet???

Former post title: Diluted EPS calc I see how the regulars jump/feed on questions like this and I needed to bring some attention to my post. Any help would be appreciated - 1,000,000 shares of $100 par, 5% preferred outstanding each conv to 2 common. Mkt price $20/share and common trades at $11/share. - 100,000 warrants out each conv to 100 common. Exercise price $10/share. Avg price $12/share - NI $20,000,000 or $1.50 basic EPS on 10,000,000 weighted avg common out Diliuted EPS for the one yr period is closest to: a. $1.67 b. $1.50 c. $1.45 d. $1.29 I went with C. Can anyone justify another answer?