Calculator guru please assist...should be easy advice...

I have two calculators…one I just changed the battery in and the other I didn’t. The first I am getting appropriate answers in TVM calcs and the second calc in which I replaced the battery I am getting nonsensical TVM answers for the bond math questions. I know there is something that needs to be changed to get this back to normal. I forgot what it was. Could someone kindly remind me of what this is?..By the way, anyone who changes their batter should be aware of this.

what kind of calculator do you have? It could be the Beg/End cashflows function

I think it is. I use the BA II PLUS

Set it to end and still nonsensical.

sorry have HP

Thanks for trying. Anyone else with a TI calc have the answer?

I think the number of periods get reset when you change the battery, i.e. it’s calculating on monthly instead of annually, or something like that. I suppose you don’t have the info card. This is exactly why I’m not going to bother changing the battery. I inserted the current one for L1 in Dec 2006 and I figure it’s still good to go.

Try doing 2nd - SET - P/Y (which is the 2nd function of the I/Y button), and set it to 1. I think that will make annual the default. Let me know if it works!

Thank you. I just did that and that did the trick. It sets to 12 again when you reset or replace the battery.

Have info card and actually calculator book but I didn’t remember what I was searching for…if you know what I mean by that…i.e.–its hard to search in an index for something if you aren’t sure what the problem is. Thanks very much frisian. It’s sorted now.

should have looked up “changing battery” :slight_smile:

Thanks to your Immodium AD thread, fortunately I won’t have to look up “changing underwear” :slight_smile:


That Immod AD thread gets my vote for most hilarious posting on this forum, but it was also the timing of it, after everyone else had said, mundane matters such as post if you are using pencils, post if you are using earplugs, and then you posted yours. A classic and some much needed humor, not to mention useful advice as well.

Glad to be of service.