Calculator issues :(


Every single time I go to do a PV of an annuity the answer is wrong… I clear the functions and reset the calculator and still every SINGLE answer is wrong… close to tears, send help!

Please share an example and I will try to help.

Hey, thanks :slight_smile:

Equate the value of four $20,000 payments with r = 0.05. The answer given is $70,919.

I put in
2nd PMT 2nd ENTER CE/C 2nd FV
20000 PMT 4 N 5 I/Y
CPT PV and get 74,464.96

I have a new BA II Plus but worried broken?

Thanks a mill!

Unless it’s specified in the question, assume that you are dealing with an immediate annuity. 2nd PMT should display as END; $74,464.96 assumes the first payment occurs now.

2nd I/Y to check P/Y and C/Y (they should both be 1)
2nd PMT to check for END
2nd FV to clear the TVM registers
4 N 5 I/Y 20000 PMT CPT PV 70,919.01008

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^very much this. Calculator in the wrong mode is one of the common mistakes when using the BAII Plus

If you have the calculator manual around, go through the annuity examples given. They will show you the general approach to use with annuity questions. :+1:

Thanks so much, really appreciate this!