Calculator Policy

Are we allowed to bring two (TI BA II Pus) calculators on exam day? I’ve read through older posts in past years that we can, however, I can’t find anything on the CFAI web site regarding it one way or the other.

I happen to have two BA II plus calculators and thought it’d be more efficient to bring a backup calculator as opposed to batterries and a screwdriver. I’d rather pull out another calculator than whip out the toolkit during the exam…



Yeah don’t ever dream changing your battery mid exam, the case is really a pain to open, you do not want to risk it and lose 15 minutes on it. €50 for a new one if well worth it IMO.

^there are two types of BA II Plus calculators that are allowed for the exam. For the more expensive one, you can easily change its battery like doing so for your remote control. The cheaper one requires a screwdriver (spelling??).

I would recommend the OP to borrow a spare calculator from his/her friend than to do any “mechanic” thing during the exam :smiley:

My second calculator is packaged still…wonder if I can take in like that…waste of 60 bucks…rather return it…

Can I do that? Bring it in packaged

last test they pushed buttons on the phone to clear memory… i would expect they would do the same thing this time also.(although i have no idea how they will handle a packaged one)

one thing i did call and get clarification on is a normal watch is allowed (but not a smart watch type) so i will bring one to help keep track of time for this test.

last year I saw a guy with 4 BAII Plus Pro

do all the settings reset if you remove the battery on the BAII Plus Pro???

I can guarantee you they will not let you bring in a calculator still in it’s packaging. You arent allowed any kind of packaging or manuals or anything like that.

I’d bet the house you will have to remove all of the packaging. I read on the CFAI website that you’re not allowed to bring the tiny packaging for the batteries, they have to be loose.

Can you bring one TI and one HP12? I’ve been using the TI but have the HP12 sitting around and was thinking of bring that as a backup.