Calculator query??

How many decimal places should the calculator (TI BA II Plus Professional) be set to for optimum results?

Usually answers on the CFA exam, at least for level I deviate enough to where rounding errors won’t cause your answer to be off. Having said that, I would go no less than 3 but have on the maximum which I believe is 7, more can’t hurt can it?

I think 4 would be enough, at least that’s the advice I got when I sat for Level 1 and it worked fine. For finance classes at school we have to use 5 though, only 4 would lead to the incorrect answer in some cases, but that’s another story. 7 is a bit much imo.

5 works for me.

I always used 4

Thanks, I think 5 would be okay !!

4 has worked for me

There is a function in the BA II Plus where you can save answers from a calculation. It really helps speed up the time to answer a question and you are guaranteed to get the answer exactly. I was a nerd in college and read the manual for the BA II Plus. It has proven extremely beneficial (plus it is only like 50 pages). Harness the power of that calulator and save yourself some time!!!