Calculator Question BA II Plus Pro

I have a really simple question. I’ ve never used a financial calculator before, only scientific.

How do you calculate multi-step questions?

For example, I want to type in ln2/ln1.07. On a two-line scientific calculator, I would just type the whole thing. On the BAII Plus Pro, would I have to type ln2, store this number then type ln1.07 and store this? Then type RCL 1 / RCL 2?

Seems like a lot of steps. Is there an easier/faster way? Or do I have to just get used to this?

use the brackets

2 ln / ( 1.07 ln) =

Oh I see.

Before, I had typed 1.07 ln, in that order even with the brackets.


Actually, you don’t need the brackets: 2 ln / 1.07 ln =