Calculator Question - Geometric Mean

How do you input the “T” of the Geometric Mean using the BA-II? I know the equation and I can easily figure out the average, I don’t know how to input the “5th” power of a square root, for example? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks -Jake

Jake, there is a key x^y. you press that when you have to press in a power number.

it is the Y^x (the key just above the 9). If using the BA-II I highly advise you go to the TI website and they have step by step web videos on how to use the calculator. Shows you how to do, NPV’s, Statistics, bond calcs, mortgage calcs, annuity calcs and use the memory functions

Is there a way to input the 5th root of a number directly? I use x^ 0.2 to find the 5th root of x.

Got it! Although 80 explained it well, I think heading to the TI site might be a good idea in general. Thanks again for the help! -Jake

For the BA II you just need to use y^x key with inputs y^(1/x). X being the root you want to take.

Am I alone in prefering 12c in most cases?

No, your’e not. I’m with you.

Glad to hear of it, :slight_smile: I got platinum rev. edition. It’s plenty fast and love the tactile buttons…

Can we use the hp 10BII calculator for the level 1 exam? . I already have that so was wondering and I can do everything that I need to do.

Nope apparently there are ways to save formuli in it. I used the HP10B all the way through University but had to switch to the TI BA II for CFA LI exam. Glad I did, once I became familiar with it I found I was actually easier to use.

ok i’ve read this post because I thought it may help me in using the calc and geometric mean but I am getting super confused regarding the 3rd root. As an example if I have the following question how do i get to the answer using the calc; ©ý¡î1.183 -1 = 1.0575 thanks to anyone who can help on this simple questions

You want to find out the cube root of 1.183? If yes then follow these steps: Step 1 … Enter 1.183 Step 2 … Press y^x (the key above number 9) Step 3 … Enter 3 Step 4 … Press 1/x button (the key above y^x) Step 5 … Press = You will get 1.0576