Calculator question


For BA II Plus Pro

FV= 2000, PV= - 1000, I/Y = 14.87; CPT N = 4.9999

But in this case, I also need to key in PMT = 0 to get the right answer. If I don’t key in PMT = 0, it gives me error 5.

Another example, N=5, FV=600,PMT=-100, CPT I/y = 9.13%

In this case, I need to also key in PV = 0 to get the right answer. It gives me the wrong answer if I don’t key in PV=0.

It seems that I always have to key in 0 for the other missing variable to get the right answer.

Is this normal or have i missed anything in the setting?

no, you do not need to key in 0.

Before you run any TVM calculation hit the 2nd Clr TVM function keys (2nd FV).

Perfect! works now. Thanks.

Wouldn’t have this problem if you grew a pair and used a real (front office) calculator.


Most people wouldn’t know Reverse Polish Notation, it makes sense to use a regular calculator like the BA II to be comfortable in the exam.

The thing to remember about your BA2+ is that it stores values for the items in memory. So when you work a new problem, you must either enter zero for any input you don’t want to use in that problem, or (alternately) hit 2nd-FV to clear the memory (this automatically sets all values to zero)