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I have the HP12c Platinum calculator. How do I calculate the geometric mean using this calculator? I am specifically trying to do it on an example on page 323 in the corporate finance and portfolio management book. This is in reading 52. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!!

learn a bit of math first maybe, just instead of relying on your calculator. 3rd root = y ^ (1/3) 2nd root = y ^ (1/2) and so on…

For those interested in the answer to the question above: The keystrokes after calculating the sum of (1+Rit) which equals 1.4235 are 1.4235 [ENTER] 5 [1/x] [y^x] Good luck to all those working on the CFA exams and remember to work on your leadership skills as well as your “book knowledge” as the leadership skills are what companies are looking for - not condescending comments.

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Thank you so much had been looking for a solution for an hour. this really helped thank you!!! and dont mind the negative Ass comment. you’re aweosome!