calculator settings

I was working on a problem and my calculator hp12c changed to maximum two digits after decimal point. I did not figure out what happened initially. Then, I found out that I might have pressed “f” key and “2”. I changed back to to 9 digits after decimal point. If it happened during exam, I might have freaked out. I have following questons. 1. How many digits would be good after decimal point?While working on Schweser question bank, I found my values to be little different since Schweser is truncating 2. Did you face any problems like this while using hp12c calculator. Wondering any tips on it. By the way, I am doing one common mistake consistently. I am not multiplying 6 month yield two times to get yearly rate. I hope I will be careful in exam.

I was going to go by how many decimal places are in the answers, if they show it out to four I will press f-4.

i had the same problem while using mine…i usually just leave it on nine digits, if it changes its very simple to change it so no worries

Usually, as many digits as they give you. On currency, always 4 should be good. Finally, try to chain your calculations so that you always carry the “exact” number into the next calculation. If F2 and F4 gave you the willys, make sure you know how to change TVM calculations from “BEG” to “END” (the calc defaults to END, so if you see BEG on th edisplay, know how to get it to go away (g-END). That used to drive me NUTS.

Got it. thanks a lot for the tips. I have another question on cash flows. If I enter cash flows into CF0, CFJ, how do I interate entered values to verify if I entered right values.

You have to hit the ‘RCL’ then the number of the cashflow in question: try it: 125 gCF0 ; This is RCL 0 135 gCFj ; This is RCL 1 145 gCFj ; This is RCL 2 155 gCFj ; This is RCL 3 To find if you entered #3 correctly, hit RCL 3 and it will show it Oh yeah and if you have multiple CF of the same amount: 155 155 155 Use 155 gCFj then 3gNj

trek7000, Thanks a lot. it worked. Chinni