Calculator TIBA2+

What steps do we need to do to ensure our TIBA2+ calculators have the correct settings? Please kindly advise! Thanks!

make sure she turns on - if not, then you might want to change battery

if you use the date function, which you are unlikley to use on exam, make sure it is set to EUR or US, whichever one you are used to…

other than that i cant think of anything that would hinder your exam performance

although during level II i walked into the exam to find that someone messed with my calculator and it was not showing decimals at all, had a panic attack and wasted 10 mins trying to figure out how to fix it…

know how to deal with such issues…

someone messed with your calc? i would have killed them. for real. i would have beaten them into the ground. what kind of jerk goes around messing with other peoples calcs? that is ridiculous. now i am angry.

I belive it was the guy who inspected my calculator, it was fine during 3 months of studying, the inspector took my calculator and when he returned it was not showing decimals. Hek he may have even gave me someone elses calculator.

Close call with failing though, I was about to pack my stuff and leave. Every swap I valued you came out to 0.