Hello guys, I was wondering if we are allowed to have a normal calculator other than the financial one during the exam!

You can only bring in the approved calculators.

And ow do you calculate the normal calculations that do not require the financial one?


He needs normal calculator to calculate a Normal distribution and financial one will probably being used for T-Distribution.

Confused Lion King

First it is a she, second, this is not a joke. I only use the financial calculator for TVM, never thought I’d be using it for other than this since I always have with me a “normal calculator fo a normal distribution”. If you want to make fun and start on jokes, please feel free to do it somewhere else. I came here and laid out my issue to seek some help. If this is not what you will do when you’re writing an answer, then go use your fingers in doing something else rather than writing sarcastic comments …

@Kenzagh - Thank you for standing up to these foolish clowns. Women shouldn’t feel oppressed by their tyrannical male counterparts, especially when asking serious questions about the abysmal technology that CFA Institute subjects us too. I think that the comments made my Sweep the Leg and Flashback are unwarranted, uncalled for, and deserve immediate censorship under the laws of the US Constitution.

But to answer your question–do you have an Android phone or an iPhone? Surely one of these has a calculator. Why don’t you just use it?

I mean, you have to admit it is kind of a funny situation. But, you’re right and we should be more helpful. So, check out the picture below:

Image result for ba ii plus

You use the buttons around the numbers to do your more standard math stuff like addition (+), subtraction (-), multiplication (x), and division (I can’t make the symbol but its the one above the “x”). Those functions, combined with knowing how to calculate IRR, NPV, and TVM will get you through the exam just fine.

Thank you for your answer. I am actually asking about the calculators to bring for the exam. As I mentioned I normally use the BA II plus only for TVM and I have a casio calculator for any other sort of calculation. I never thought I’d have to use the financial calculator for all of it, and I do not know how since the display screen is really not helpful when laying out multi-calculations. So that was my question, if I can bring my casio calculator for the exam or not. And now that I have been informed that it is not the case (In a beautiful way from some very smart people here lett me tell you), I now have to spend the last days before my exam reviewing and learning how to use one very complicated small screened calculator for many purposes other than TVM.

It’s really quite simple. Assuming you need to learn IRR and NPV, you can find helpful videos on YouTube. Shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes and going through some practice problems before you have it down.

Ok cool!! Thanks for your help.

^^^^^First, I didn’t know that he was she. If I did, I would be more polite.

Second, in CFAI welcome mail as well as Schweser notes and supposed all relevant 3rd party tutorials, one of the first thing is meeting a student with CFAI rules and especially rules about calculator. This may be easy found in this and other forums as well.

Last but not least, I obviously misjudged OP’s post as trolling by one of those forum multi-nick users, so I did respond in similar manner.

Kenzagh, I’m sorry.

No worries


The link below explains everything related to approved calculators:

Can you repost Sir ? Can’t see the links again. Have to pm the ever unhelpful Sweep the Leg for link fix again. Thank

Asalamu Allaykum Sister.

Ramezan Karim. This 3 Minute YouTube video explains how to convert the calculator to be used for normal setting and back to the financial computations. Ignore the People here.

Wa alaykoum assalam. Thank you for answering. I cannot see the link.

You should pm Sweep the Leg as his editor in chief position (he commented above) allows him to fix these issues. Tactics also posted a link I couldn’t see until I pmed him.

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