My BA II plus calculator is giving wrong answers. I figured it is because the keys don’t get pressed properly. I have tried BAII Professional and have the same problem. oes anyone else have the same problem? Do I need to switch to HP?

This has never happened to mine and I’m very happy with the BA II plus. Do you think your calculator’s batteries might be low?

If you’re happy to learn a new calculator language with 6 days to go then feel free. Not experienced any issues with my BAII Plus.

I don’t think it has to do with the battery. The keys don’t press that well, especially 0’s.

I have 2 BAII Plus calculators (neither being the Professional) and have had no such issue. Possible that your unit is faulty or could of course be user error given you’re running into the same problem with a Professional. The HP uses a completely different input method so would absolutely not advise changing to that calculator this close to the exam unless you have plenty of prior experience with it. Maybe try to get another BAII Plus between now and Saturday.

Ok thanks!

I have similar issues with my BA II plus Professional calculator. I dislike it a lot since the beginning. Keys feel too hard, I feel uncomfortable using it. The worst is; I often get wrong results because the keys won’t respond properly. Especially zero, like you mention,

And the last trick it pulled on me; two days ago, just days before the exam, all of a sudden my (+/-) key stopped working. I panicked. After a couple of hours it still didn’t work, so I quickly ordered another one. Some hours later, my husband came from work. He tried the calculator and surprise! the key worked perfectly. It still does. However I can’t trust it anymore…

I haven’t opened the new calculator yet, but maybe this one will turn out better; with softer, more responsive keys.

I suspect my first one is faulty because so many people seem to like this calculator.

I have similar issues with my two calculators (both “professional”). The first one had issues with the zero key (does not recognize every key stroke). So before level I exam I bought another one. After a few months the newer one got issues with the decimal key (the key does not click anymore, so you have no idea if you hit the key correctly) which is even worse…

Seems to be solely a problem of the professional version?!

If my calculator is the average, I’d expect people to be complaining a lot about it. It feels unbelievably bad while using it. I always have to check the numbers to see if the keys responded correctly.

If my new professional turns out the same, I’ll look into the HP one.

But I should admit I have very limited experience with calculators. I always used the same beloved casio scientific one since university.

I believe the Professional version is generally considered to have less reliable buttons than the standard version of the BA II Plus, which has ‘softer’ keys. Maybe try out a standard version to see if you prefer it - can’t really speak from experience but I doubt that the additional functionality that the Professional provides is much of a game changer for what we’re doing in any case. Best of luck!

Update: I opened my new professional calculator and it has different keys. feels better.

I guess they made some changes.

Screen is different too, when I touch the screen (softly, not hard) some black marks appear on the screen. But they quickly disappear.

OMG! I am not glad to see so many people suffering but I am a little relieved to see that I am not messing up! I don’t know how much time I have wasted on resolving every question because the calculator messed up and I didn’t know what I was doing wrong! So, perhaps I will look into buying a new one too. So don’t want to spend money on BAII when it is so messed up.

Before you opened this topic, I thought I was the only one having problems :slight_smile: I hope you buy another one, it really makes a difference while solving questions. But I’m not sure if I’d change brands or models so close to the exam. I wish the best for you. Good luck to all of you.


Thanks! Good luck to you too!