Which Calculator are you using for the level 1 exam? Supposedly, a lot of people use TI BA @ plus (or professional). I just started using the TI BA Plus and I’m already having problems. I had to adjust some settings, but it’s still problematic. Would you recommend I look for something better? What have you been using all this time? Is the HP really better or just more expensive? Thanks!

I am using TI BA II Plus. I used this for my undergrad as well. My recommendation for you is to use the search function on this forum. There are a lot of links and even some manuals which are very helpful. Good luck.

I recommend the 12c. I had an old 12c for the last 5 years but wanted something faster for TVM calcs so I bought the TI BA Professional. I didn’t like it and found the keys to be really iffy (it would enter my digits probably 80% of the time which creates a problem when you’re not looking at every key entry, and after working a couple hundred quant questions you will get to the point where you’re entering data very quickly). So I dumped the TI and bought a 12c Platinum 25th anniversary which is built strong like the old 12c’s but has a new engine inside so calculations are just as fast if not faster than on the TI, and now all of my key presses actually work.

That’s funny…I first bought the TI BA 2 plus…there was something really wrong it! I don’t know what…the calculations were coming out incorrect (i tripled checked!)…so…I ordered the HP 12C Platinum…let’s see how that goes…

I have the BAII Plus and the Plus Professional. The buttons on the Professional are much more firm and I too have experienced missed entries. I do still prefer the “feel” on the Professional to the Plus. I can’t really comment on the 12C much. I borrowed one during a college class one day and didn’t really care much for it. Probably because I didn’t give it a chance though. I think it really just comes down to personal preference.

Personally, I feel that everyone should have a hp 12c plat. as either a primary or backup calculator. Reason being the RPN feature simplifies chain commands and saves valuable time from having to stop and write down partial calculations. I am very pleased with the build quality of the 12c plat. and layout of the buttons. It feels like it is built of quality. When in doubt, I would say to buy one of each. Afterall, it is best to have two calculators for these types of exams in case of the rare but dreaded fatal error. I would hate to sacrifice a year’s worth of studying and not be able to put forth the maximum effort.

Get both - I primarily used 12c and had TI as a backup. Concur with Investor83 on 12c plat - it takes time to get used to but it is worth the time and the money.