the keys on my calc are not pressing properly anymore thinking of replacing…where can i buy it in london…dont want to order online.

cool story breh

“don’t want to order online” and your name is terabytee!?


unique circumstances

double wow

level III candidate and asking where to buy a calculator? +1 ZILLION

is this a joke, mate?

i bet he doesnt even know that calculators arent allowed for Lvl 3

I think he just wants to buy the keys…I’ll sell you my keys for $10, but you’ll need to fly me to London!

travelling out tomorrow and need to take it with me…bad timing :frowning: Should you have any queries or wish to order our new 2011 catalogue, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone, fax, or email. *PLEASE NOTE OFFICE VISITS ARE BY APPOINTMENT ONLY * W.F.Sleath & Sons Limited Unit 115 Cremer Business Centre Cremer Street Shoreditch London E2 8HD T: 0845 686 0018 F: 0871 528 3978 E: Office hours: 08:30-17:30 Mon-Fri better call quick

thanks Skip just called them can pick one up from there!

this is why I am hooked to AF, it has a solution to every problem

wow. sweet! glad to help

why does it burn when i pee, its been 3 months n wont go away

because you commented on the “STD risks” thread

but it looked so innocent