Hi which calculator do you advice for cfa?

Texas BA II , texas BA II plus professional, hp 12c, hp plantinum, hp 25th anniversary, hp 30th anniversary?

BA II plus professional is the most advisable.

Whatever you like, I use the Texas BA II. The layout similar to financial calculators I had in University.

To be honest I really don’t like any of them. None of them let you see the brakets when you are trying to open, close or correct an operation. I wish they made something like the Texas Instruments TI-30X IIS Scientific Calculator for financial calculators allowed for the CFA exam. I had that in university and loved it.

I would look at the different pictures and videos on the internet to decide.

When looking at the pictures and video think of:

  • the formulas you will enter how easy is it to find PV, NPV, IRR, FV, i. PMT
  • can you enter data fast to find the mean, a, b, variance and standard deviations
  • can you access ln, e with relative easy
  • how easy is to clear data from your calculator
  • can you delete a digit easily without ruining the rest of the inputs you just made
  • can you access combinations (nCr) and permutations (nPr) easily

Yeah, the TI is the preferred calculator. The HP is great of course, but it’s got more of a learnin curve so if its your first financial calculator you might as well go for the more user friendly one. Plus I believe the TI has more options (may be wrong on that)

texas BA II plus professional. worth the extra $s

BA2+. Buy two of them.

BA II+ series because you can use it for some other professional exams.

Still cheaper than the hp

BA II pro. Its used in all the exampples and it has extra features and fast

The TI for sure. Both Elan and Schweser only illustrate the TI’s keystrokes.

Thx going to fetch my ba ii pro

Could you please advice where i should buy the calculator? From my country its extremly expensive… Like $300 that is rs 9000

i bought it from because they deliver in my country unlike and is much cheaper. i paid 30 pounds which is i don’t know 50 dollars. On it was $30

Thx :slight_smile:

I found the buttons of BAII Plus Pro very hard to press. My fingers started to pain after using them. So I exchanged that with BA II plus with a friend of mine. smiley

I use BA II plus. Feels cheap in my hands and there’s no rubber on the bottom so it slides around on the desk. I miss my TI-89

I like the buttons… Except it’s gonna annoy the shit out of everyone at the exam with the constant clicking.

I am a Student of engineering. I am currently using Helect H1002 Scientific Calculator. It has great functionality. Its advanced functions and features solve your all complicated examples.

StL Edit: The link is much better now.

And it would be confiscated by the exam proctors if you tried to bring it into the exam room.

Blatant . . . and stupid . . . self-promotion.

You bumped a seven year old thread to promote your calculator?