Calculus Refresher

Sup guys, I’m planning to enroll for the Dec L1 exam. I’m a bit concerned about the level of Math needed. Took a semester of calculus in my first year of college about about 10 years ago and I’ve probably forgotten most of it by now. Is it necessary to do a refresher? Would I need to master more than what’s covered in a first year math class? Thanks

no, if u know + - x / and power u r golden

Ha, you’ll be fine… there isn’t any calc on these exams

it helps to know your stats. that’ll really help you ace quant. no worries if you dont, the CFAI text has everything you need.

haha thank God there is no calc. Stats is pretty important as BaySt. said

You probably don’t need a math refresher. The syllabus covers all the math that you will need for the exam.