I have a friend currently studying abroad there and they aren’t sure where to go. Can anyone recommend a few places to spend the weekend downtown? thanks

It’s name is Kolkata now. I have a friend from that place in India. I can ask him. I guess Kolkata has red light area (sorta amsterdam) When is he going?

Its a she and she’s there for the next three weeks. Anything off the beaten path would be fine, she’s pretty outgoing.

Couldn’t get hold of him last weekend. He is in Hong Kong these days doing his summer internship.

Ahh…the City of Joy. Maybe visit Mother Teresa’s ashram and grave?

I thought this thread would be about golf tournament betting. I’m disappointed.

Go to a hotel and ask the barman. There are lots of decent places, but it’s out on the streets where the life is at. Everyone is friendly as. I rocked up with my ex-gf and we just took the ride to the first hotel and went from there. Can’t remember where we went exactly, because we went everywhere. It was great.