Calgary Finance Jobs

Is there anyone that can give me some guidance on finance jobs in Calgary, Ca? I have an MBA (non-ivy), a CMA certification and 4 years of finance/accounting experience for a hospitality company (pubic). Because of visa issues once I leave the states I may not be allowed back in, therefore I will be moving to Calgary without job prospects. Should I contact a recruiter or apply directly to companies out there?

it’s all about Calgary these days… good luck. Sorry I can’t help you with job advice.

check the calgary cfa site. lots of good postings.

I think i lost a good 20 years of maturity by posting this… but tehheehheh he said pubic, :P. back to the topic, i think you’ll be fine in Calgary, with a CMA and an MBA. Maybe you won’t get that awesome job you wanted. But you’ll be able to get a nice Accounting job to keep you afloat if you become desperate or need to get working.

Looks like i need to do a better job of proofing my posts…very funny. I appreciate everyones feedback.

The job market here is still quite healthy although it certainly has cooled off considerably in the last 6 months. With a CMA and MBA I don’t see you having too much trouble finding something here.

you might also consider zsa-x. depending on what you’re looking for, they *might* be able to help.

who are zsa-x? Sorry I am not familiar with this

recruiting agency, specifically for banking and research.