Calgary Flames fans

Cammalleri in the playoffs so far: 6 games played, 5 goals, 5 assists, 10 points

he will only play 7 games dont worry.

That’s still 7 more than the Flames. Besides, how is that relevant to my point that the Flames missed his offense this year. He did more than his part in the playoffs, whether eliminated tomorrow or not.

Playoffs just got worse without the Caps.

Analyze_This Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Playoffs just got worse without the Caps. Not from the standpoint of fans of the four remaining teams. Here’s to the Habs knocking Sid the Crying Kid out next, hopefully in 7 so they are nice and tired when they head to Philly.

Found this on the TSN site from a poster: As a small ‘soft’ ex-Flame goalscorer, Cammalleri is in good company with Savard, St. Louis and Brett Hull. Just another reason as to why the Flames will be bottom dwellers for the next few years

Has Halak been tested for any banned substances yet?