call from local society

I just got a call from my local society letting me know that I’m in… was wondering if anyone else got a similar call? Obviously I still need my L3 result before becoming a full-fledged charterholder.

Just the email informing me of “regular” status (once I pay up)

that must mean you passed!! you found the level III loophole!!

lol…nope no call here. just got an e-mail. is it a smaller society? mine in H-town is pretty big. we have like 50-75 attendees for the monthly lunches when in session

no, im from LA – fairly large society i would say… got a call from Bonnie something. weird indeed; i didn’t expect them to call notifying me that i’m a member now.

I got an email from the Boston Society. I doubt they have the time to call everyone.

just got an e-mail to activate my regular membership - but they just want the money I guess - while I want to be sure to have passed first :wink: