Calling all Clinton haters

I am no Clinton hater, but this editorial by Maureen Dowd is a powerful indictment, from a fairly liberal author, of the hypocrisy and greed of Clintons…and a good summary of what drives people nuts about them and limousine liberals in general.

The coup de grace though was this quote, cause it touches on Obamas as well:

“What scares me the most is Hillary’s smug certainty of her own virtue as she has become greedy and how typical that is of so many chic liberals who seem unaware of their own greed,” Charlie Peters, the legendary liberal former editor of The Washington Monthly, told me. “They don’t really face the complicity of what’s happened to the world, how selfish we’ve become and the horrible damage of screwing the workers and causing this resentment that the Republicans found a way of tapping into.” He ruefully worries about the Obamas in this regard, too.

The hypocrisy is crazy. The right has all the same problems, but what boggles my mind is that the left somehow considering themselves these infallible arbiters of virtue. After the Pittsburgh shooting a friend of mine basically wrote an essay about how everyone who was Republican was complicit and basically pulled the trigger. Yet if it were a Muslim extremist and a right winger blamed all Muslims for the actions of a few that would (rightfully) be bigotry. Maybe its an imperfect parallel to what you’re saying but this wave of the wealthy class deriding the blue collar workers and constantly treating them as less or ignorant while mocking their problems (if they’re white) is backfiring while Dems double down.

“The Clintons are criminals.” - President Donald J. Trump

This is how liberal elitists think:

  • Talks endlessly about body shaming and “when we go low they go high”, yet insults the President’s appearance and his wife and kid and their presidential candidate believes that approximately 1/4 of Americans are deplorable

  • Wants gun control yet wants to be protected by guns themself.

  • Believes certain women’s allegations against men (Kavanaugh) and completely ignores those against their party (BIll Clinton)

  • Decries racism yet supports college admission policies that judge people by the color of their skin.

  • Denounces capitalism and supports policies designed to redistribute wealth yet the heads of the party live like royalty

  • Takes about “climate change” while flying around in private jets

  • Doesn’t want a wall or border security and wants illegal aliens to come in but will live in guarded, fenced compounds themselves

and on and on and on!!!

I’ve read enough of your posts to know generally where you are coming from. These are all fair points, but the brush is too broad. Either that or the label of liberal has lost its meaning. For example, lots of liberals ripped Clinton and continue to do so, I own a gun and support responsible gun ownership, lots of liberals who worked with Kavanaugh supported him, many liberals want border control in the form of a better immigration policy…and so on. We all pick and choose issues we are passionate about and that leads to some hypocrisy, and that’s not limited to liberal elites…many religious conservatives advocate small government that respects individual rights, unless it’s about funding catholic schools or telling people what they can do with their body, or in their bedrooms.

Bruh there is no need to have a gun. With that said it is fun to use. Bang bang foo!

^ There is no need to have fake boobs, either. But a lot of chicks have them and like them. If that’s their thing, that’s cool. I don’t tell them what they should and shouldn’t do.

lol no issues here. i dont know anyone directly that i cared about thats been killed by a gun. but i imagine it’d be a different story if say my bro was killed.

Gun debate thread! STL to lock in 3…2…1…

14,505 deaths related to firearms in the US in 2018. 291 officers shot, 663 children shot, 2,815 teens shot…and supposedly educated people in this thread are comparing this to breast implants :neutral_face: :bulb:

Honestly I don’t need a gun for personal safety, and am not into hunting anymore. I own it as a memento, it is a brand new model of my service sidearm. I am trained and experienced in firearm usage by the US government, and I am very responsible about storing the gun in my home. I have zero hero-complex or law enforcement envy…have no interest in intervening when my local dunkin donuts is being robbed. Still, I would like to keep my gun, and I prefer we institute more strict policies on gun sales and ownership qualification. But it is not a freedom issue for me, if someone said to me persuasively that we need to buy your gun from you as part of a new policy to test whether gun violence declines…I think I am ok with that.

^ Just got a Daniel Defense M4A1 in deep woods with the Eotech HS1 sights and an MK18 (haven’t settled on optic yet) over Xmas break. Tons of reasons to want / need guns. Alcohol on the other hand…

^ I’m going to try aimpoint next if I move back to a place that allows freedom again. Eotech lost my business after the lawsuit/recall, even though I got fully comped. Also the battery life was poor compared to what I read about aimpoint, which is something I think is inherent in their design.

Problem I have is with red dots in general is poor moa at distance, the lack of the easy acquisition reticle and they don’t zoom well.

^That escalated quickly.