Calling all Equity Analysts/Portfolio Managers

I have seen a fair amount of Equity analysts and Portfolio Managers on this board (I actually opened a thread on profession to check this out). Being an equity analyst myself, it would be a great help to me if I could communicate with you people directly through emails. I am based in Bangladesh which is a frontier market. In fact it is one of the fastest growing ones in the world and was amongst the top performers in 2008. However, being a developing country we still have a very long way to go and I think I have a lot to learn from analysts all around the world. Such communication can be mutually beneficial, and if this works out we can make a yahoo group or sth. If anyone is interested please reply below. This offer is open to just about anybody (not just EA/PM) who wants to gain knowledge through interaction.

I’m in investor relations but i believe it would be great to learn from others and share knowledge and experience… i’m in.

hi, we can talk too.

I too am approaching this from an investor point of view and I would love to get involved as well.

Okay let me put in few of my huge bunchload of questions. I being a sell side analyst would look at a particular stock very differently compared to an Investor/Portfolio Manager/Buy Side Analyst. Q1. What inputs would be most favorable (e.g. valuation matrix, macroeconomic reports) from a sell side analyst? Q2. Would you guys prefer a top-down or bottom-up approach? Q3. What kind of discounted valuation do you think is suitable for a commercial bank/financial institution? Or would you prefer a relative valuation technique much more? these three for now. answer all three or just any one as you like.