Calling for Vancouver, Canada L1, study group

Anyone interested? CFA L1. Going for June 2008 exam. Maybe we can gather a group for regular meet up at the library, mental support, all that good stuff. My email is Look forward to seeing you

Count me in! Just shot you an email.

Cool, just shot back! ANYONE ELSE feeling motivated for CFA in Vancouver?

I will be moving back to Vancouver on January 1st.

Hi, I am going to sit for the Level 1 in June08, just wondering if I can be a part of a Study Group in Vancouver while living in Calgary, I am kinda lost here, am new in Canada and working in Accounting Profession…will someone help? Thanks

Hi Calgary CFA, can’t you find any resources in Calgary for support? We welcome anyone here but Calgary is a bit far, are you on business trips to vancouver?

Where were y’all in December, a lot of people are taking this test now in Vancouver, the local CFA society is even trying to arrange study groups…

Hi mbacfa, Did you get your mba from a school in Vancouver?

Hey Storko, I am going to start my MBA at Columbia in NYC this fall.


Some of us seem to be meeting at the library on Saturdays…