calling out bleach


it sounds like you are a little bi tch who definately SHOULD be an accoutant.

i bet you are going to collect a million designations but will never ever be front office.

good thing you still live at home, how else would you be able to afford all the dues?


frank out

Let’s not feed the trolls and give him more publicity then he has already received. It is a case of sour grapes if you ask me.

Man, imagine if we had bleach and qqqbee on the boards simultaneously?

Man, here is not 4chan. We don’t need trolls.

who is bleach??

He created the post why he thinks the CFA, after he failed and is being a sour grape about it


Bleaaaaach… you got urself bleached man… tried to stain CFA and got himself bleaaaaached!!!

cool smiley cheeky


keep your karma clean and lave he kid alone. He’s young and we are all passionate and think we know everything in our early twenties. Also, unless you are a working class dude who doesn’t fit the white wispy mold and have have tired to break into that world, you don’t know what he is going through.

There are TONS of people going through what he is going through.

But instead of fighting harder with each setback, bleach has decided to blame everything else except himself for his failures.