Calling women Becky, Karen

Not a fan of this at all… I know I call people libs and stuff (which probably isn’t nice) but if you call people names, don’t expect them to care when one of your own faces an injustice.

Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it.

Not calling out anyone or any groups in particular, speaking generally. What do y’all think?

Yeah I don’t really understand this. My wife told me about this Karen thing last week… she sort of framed it up as an entitled middle-aged white woman. Usually short hair, parted to the side. You know, the one complaining at the restaurant asking for the manager.

Why, are the Karen’s fighting back?

I think it’s gone beyond that… I’ve been reading discussions online and someone will just reply something like, “shut up Karen”

If they want to talk like that, then don’t get triggered if someone does the same thing back.

Online chat forums / comment sections are a cesspool for the most part and aren’t really a reflection of who they are IRL. Everybody’s a tough guy with a keyboard, armed with Google to fact check and pass it off as their own knowledge. In the real world that quickly leads to a bloody nose.

Usually online you can throw cold water on these people with a reality check, but every so often you get an outlier who won’t let it go. Name calling likely makes it worse but sometimes you can find pleasure in just toying with them without resorting to personal attacks. That’s when keeping it real turns to trolling. Seen it a thousand times.

A couple of my facebook friends have been throwing the term around pretty often (I have a good number of liberal friends), so not just online. I’d ask them about it but I don’t want to be called a racist.

I’d place “Karen” on lower end of the insult scale… it’s more or less the equivalent of calling them stupid. It’s child’s play. But if you really feel that strongly about it why don’t you just say something. What’s the worst that can happen?

Didn’t know you were such a feminist hpr. I’m surprised. Also Becky is a compliment. Karen is the insult. It’s a reference to that one gangster movie. Anyways isn’t that the same thing as calling beats as simps.

^ One of the best movie Karens, I might add. Plus I like em’ a little rough. Give em to me with tattoos and dropping f bombs with regularity. Susan just isn’t my type.

Something tells me it’s also @BlackSwan’s type. Seeing in all he/she is not into doctors, nurses or milfs.

listen linda

“Karen could be any of us. She could be all of us.”