I’ve been studying since December 15th 6 days a wekk about 16-20+ hours a week. I have two topics left (PM and Ethics)… I am grasping concepts fairly well; however, I come to post this because I am reading things saying “You have to review” “If you wait to review until the end of April, you will forget” … My plan is to review / do practice exams for six weeks about 20+ hours a week until the exam starting the end of april… That being said I haven’t NOT reviewed I sort of just reviewed EOC questions in the CFA and topic based exam questions just to remind myself that I didn’t “forget” but these only cover like 50%+ of material…

Anyway, I am worried I made a mistake by not “Re-reading” topics, I have went through them VERY thouroughly when the week came around to study it (read curriculum, did questions, reread/reviewed it with schweser, did schweser questions, did the topic questions on CFA and reread again)… weeks/months afterwards went over some of the EOC questions here and there and am reading the quick sheet… mind you I am studying the curriculum and supplimenting with schweser… I hope to re-read schweser all topics and summaries and questions and 7 + practice exams before exam day…

I know I’m doing a lot and shouldn’t be worried by I just need people to calm my nerves because I’m a anxious weirdo when it comes to things. Have I made a mistake by not re-reading things mid way through or whatever? I find it pointless because even if I re-read I will STILL forget because the exam is not until two months

Please share your experienced advice, I am sure a lot of us have the same feeling towards this exam when the Level 2 material is so indepth and MASSIVE!

Honestly, if I were you I would try to stay off AF. I am really glad I didn’t know it existed until after I had taken level 2 as the posters here are not a representative sample of the actual candidate pool and will freak you out with their ridiculously high mock scores come May. Judging from your post, this forum will just give you extra anxiety leading up to the exam. There’s no secret formula to pass, you just have to put in the time and score better than 40% of your peers - it’s that simple.

I started at the exact same time. Dude relax. You’ve been through the entire thing once and did all the questions already. Just keep the information fresh in your memory by working 30 questions a day, and re-reading your notes every day.

The material is huge, but through every reading, you realize there are key areas in each topic you need to master inside out, and the rest is fluff you can read up during the last month and cram in.

You will always have a hard time remember all the subjects and formulas come May. This is normal.

Someone once related it to trying to carry 100 socks that you just laundered from the drier to your living room. Dropping one sock while picking up another.

Isn’t everyone scoring around 90% in the mock exams? thought that was the norm.

jk… my advice is to NOT reread anything. do problems, and lots of them