Came into contact with a covid positive person, worried about a few things

A close friend who I had been in regular contact tested positive for covid today. As per CFAI guidelines (and more importantly for the health of the people around me) I am not allowed to report to my test center on 23rd July.

I am about to write a mail to the CFAI regarding my situation but since they are taking so long to respond to queries of other people, I am worried about a few things?

I would be deferred to a different exam window, right (sorry if this a very obvious question)?
What documents, if any, do I need to submit?
If CFA doesn’t respond to my query by 23rd what should I do then?

P.S. Both I and my friend are doing okayish. While he has some mild symptoms I am asymptomatic as of now.

If you haven’t already, it may be a good idea to contact Prometric as well.

ps. hope for you and your friend’s speedy recovery from covid

Thanks for your input. Do you have any idea of the deferment process?

Taken from Prometric FAQ

link to Prometric FAQ

link to Prometric/CFA page

For the CFA exam, you need to pay 25 usd to reschedule your exam. The online tool provided may let you reschedule to a different testing window, though I haven’t tried. Because covid is the reason you can’t take the test on the scheduled date, you might be able to convince the CFA/Prometric to waive the 25 fee.

If you need to cancel and take the test on a later date, you’ll need to contact CFA and ask them for a refund (the refund policy is entirely up to CFA)