Any of you goombas into fancy cameras? I’m thinking of getting one to play with. Are mirrorless better now or DSLR? Criteria:

  1. Easy for beginners to use, but room to grow with experience.

  2. Cost is not really an issue, as long as it’s reasonable (maybe $2k or less - what do these cost anyway?)

  3. Preferably not too ostentatios and easy to carry.

  4. Likely uses - taking pictures of pets, food, vacations, random interesting things.

  5. Need good indoor/low light performance.

Or should I just get an iPhone X?

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I’m by no means an expert and am not up to date with what’s out today to make a recommendation but from what I understand. For mirrorless or DSLR, seems like preference, the industry seems to be headed the mirrorless route with a lot of experienced photographers sticking to DSLR largely based on familiar ergonomics and preference. Supposedly DSLR has better battery life too, but I think that’s marginal. I wouldn’t sweat the choice of body though since it’s easy to swap body’s down the road, especially since that’s where the changes occur and you can just move all your lenses over.

  1. Should be most, but taking a class or two up front to learn the basics of the equipment, settings, lighting and maybe get basic familiarity with lightroom or photoshop would dramatically save you a lot of time and energy in the long run, improve your enjoyment / engagement and get you up and running. A lot of people have an interest in this so maybe something to do with the significant other? Plus in the unfortunate case that you have kids this is a really phenomenal skill to have.

  2. What “good” is depends, but most people wind up spending significantly more than $2k. A good amateur camera body will run at least $600, but if you’re really serious about this and given that money isn’t a major issue, spending $2-3k gets you something closer to a pro quality for the body and $5-6k would be absolute overkill / waste but pro quality for very demanding situations (just to give an overview). After that you then spend on glass with lenses being the bigger portion of your expenses. A high quality lense makes a huge difference but it’s sort of a balance making sure that your lense is not limiting your camera and vice versa. Most amateurs might have like 2-3 lenses that cover most reasonable needs but people that get addicted collect them like drummers collect symbols.

  3. This one is kind of at odds with some of the others and will largely be dependent on lenses you choose since the difference between a large and small body isn’t that great and you’re already looking ostentatious by having a camera to begin with.

  4. A simple “cats” would have sufficed.

  5. Any decent body will cover this, although a lot of it will come down to the user (see point #1).

Honestly if you’re not all revved up about taking a course or two and making this a big commitment (lugging a camera around, etc), the iPhone X will probably wind up being your go to. My Mom has always done a ton of photography though and I will say that her photos are night and day better than what we get out of people’s phones or other people like my brother that dabble.

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After looking at what is available and my probable use, I don’t think I need this…