Camp Chef griddle

Finally got my griddle. I ordered it on Amazon a couple of weeks ago, and it finally got delivered on Friday night.

So I spent most of my weekend playing with my new toy, and I must admit–it did not disappoint.

Now, most of you NYC apartment-dwellers probably won’t be able to enjoy it, but I strongly advise those of you with backyards to look into one of these. The sheer volume of food that you can cook on one is amazing. If you buy enough veggies, steaks, and chicken breasts, you can do an entire week’s worth of meal prep in about an hour.

Did you make breakfast and lunch too??? :+1:

^Got it put together by Saturday evening. Made “Horseshoe Burgers” on Saturday night. (provolone cheese, bell peppers, onions, and mushrooms)

On Sunday before church, I made pancakes and bacon.

On Sunday afternoon, the wife forced me to make some kind of “chicken bowl” that had chicken breasts, zucchini, squash, tomatoes, onions, and broccoli. She had bought about a dozen containers, and each container needed a little of everything in it.

that looks awesome - if i had outdoor space id be all over one of those!

You were wearing a white t-shirt, jort’s, and, new balance too I hope.

basement dweller?

^^ middle class fancy to a T

apartment, similar though. tell me, does the tin foil hat you wear ever get stuck to your hair and pull at it - or do you bic your head so you do not suffer that problem?

“garden apartment” sound better than it is.

nice job greenman. is cleaning easy?

more importantly - have you learned to make the volcano like at a hibachi place?

^No volcano yet. That would ruin the fun for the kids when we go to Osaka.

And cleaning is pretty easy–you just have to do it before the griddle cools down. (But it stays hot for a while) Just spray some griddle cleaner on it and wipe it off.

Next, I’m gonna try some ribeyes or NY strips. I’ve been wanting to cook them on a cast iron skillet for a while, but my electric stovetop just won’t get hot enough. Not a problem for the griddle.

And your attire?

Yeah, you need to get the two spatula things and do tricks like in Benihana.

Anything I don’t mind splattering grease on.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner: the Holy Trinity!!! :+1: :innocent:

“crank out food for 50-100 people every hour”


i expect something like this in a month

Image result for griddle chef gif

^definitely went to top 3 hibachi school.

haha. I’m just playing.