Can a candidate change testing center location?

Hi Guys, I was wondering - once a candidate registers for the exam and chooses a test center. Can he/she change the test center because of relocation or for any unavoidable circumstances? If so, would CFAI charge for this? Thanks

Yes if you do it within a 75 days before the exam. No they will not charge you.

Yes, log on to the CFAI website. You need to put it in as a ‘special request’ or something like that.

Yes, you can. Like supersharpshooter said, it has to be earlier than last 75 days before the exam. I changed my L1 exam location about 5 months before the test date. They’ll send you a confirmation letting you know that it’s been changed.

I called CFAI to change my test location about a week after we got the exam tickets and there wasn’t any problem

Thanks guys :slight_smile: