can a CFA member drink alcohol on the job?

does drinking 1 beer violate standard 1 professionalism?

when i worked for DB… it was explicitly stated that alcohol consumption was dependent on cultural norms… (lunch in Germany…)

not sure if there is any specific guidance or recommendation but i think ive seen the issue in a qbank… or something

according to this article… drinking alcohol improves creativity…

IIRC, you’re not supposed to be drunk on the job, but you can drink in moderation, as long as it doesn’t go against local laws and you comport yourself in a way that doesn’t reflect badly on your employer or the profession (or impair your judgement and objectivity).

Woohoo! Good news all around!

what about herion?

where I am from banging speedballs is culturaly acceptable (Vancouver)


Hey, walking dictionary, judgement is correct.

Honor, honour

color, colour

judgment, judgement

All the above is correct.

never mind