Can a Non finance background pursue CFA ? What are the odds and challenges ? Being average in Math a trouble for CFA?

Hi Folks!

Need a little help here.

I am interested in pursuing CFA and aiming at giving the exam in Aug 2021. However, I don’t come from a finance background. I had accounts & economics in my 11th and 12th and my bachelor’s in STEM and Masters in HR where we did have accounts and stats as part of the curriculum.

So what challenges am I likely to face while preparing for CFA? Also to note my Math is just avg and not great at it. Will this be trouble for me going forward in the CFA curriculum???
I have started the prep with Kaplan Schwesar along with IFT videos. So what other materials should I refer to consider?

Please help, open for suggestions, recommendations, and tips

Thank you!

What is STEM ? You don’t have background in Accounts or Maths. The program does not assume automatically to have any particular background.

Depending upon how you cope up you may require some tutoring

STEM is Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. I have a degree in Computer science.
I had maths and stats in my bachelors and accounts statistics in my masters and in my 11th and 12th grade