Can a Research Analyst be in Investment Approval committe? Plz help me.


I am currently working in a merchant bank as a research analyst. Final approval of buying/selling a stock follows three steps in this company -

1st Stage: Buy/Sell recommendation from research dept to portfolio mgt dept, 2nd Stage: Suitablity analysis done by portfolio mgt dept and present to investment approval committee, 3rd Stage: FInal approval for buy/sell or not to buy/sell by the approval committee.

As a research analyst I work in the 1st stage. But my company wants me to include in the investment approval committee (3rd Stage) in addition to the current responsibilities.

I think this will be breach of CFA code of ethics working in two stages simultaneously but just couldn’t get to the right reference of the code.

Guys advise me whether I am right or wrong. Also mention the direct reference to the code.\\\\